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Dec 29 2008

Treating Warts: A True Balancing Act.

Treating Warts: A True Balancing Act.

Treating penile warts presents several problems to the patient and to the treating physician.  The ideal treatment would be non-invasive, non disfiguring, quick, painless and it would eliminate the risk of any wart recurrence.

The ideal treatment does not exist.

Most treatments offer some sort of balance between expedience, invasiveness, and recurrence.  The correct treatment really depends on patient preferences, patient medical history, and the doctor’s experience.

Treatment options include:

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Nov 14 2008

Condyloma Acuminata – Is It Contagious?

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Condyloma Acuminata - Is It Contagious?

Venereal warts are very contagious, most often spread by sexual intercourse. It is believed that two out of three individuals that have sexual contact with a partner with condyloma will get lesions within 3 months. If your sexual partner(s) is known to have venereal warts, protective measures need to be taken by the use of condoms until both you and your partner are free of warts

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