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Jan 13 2009

Do warts go away?

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Do warts go away?

Getting treatment for genital warts or HPV is important.  Doctors can burn, freeze, cut or scrape away unsightly bumps.  The virus associated with HPV stays in the body like other viruses do.  Just like cold sores a new eruption can happen without a repeat exposure.  Someone who doesn’t have visible warts can still give someone else the virus during unprotected sexual contact.  While antibiotics can treat some sexual transmitted infections getting treated for genital warts does not constitute a cure.  Some cases of warts don’t progress at all.  Others grow to be big, painful and even disfiguring. 

Most patients are happy to have the growths treated and there partners or new prospective partners wont see the warts.  A responsible adult should use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections, HIV and warts. 

While we can make the warts disappear there is no guarantee the warts won’t have the last laugh.

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