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Oct 27 2011

CDC Recommends Boys Receive HPV Vaccine

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CDC Recommends Boys Receive HPV Vaccine

Coverage of the decision by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to expand its recommendation for the HPV vaccine to boys and young men aged 11-21 was widespread, appearing on the three network newscasts, and in national newspapers. The story took up over ten percent of news time. ABC World News (10/25, story 3, 0:30, Sawyer) reported that the committee “recommended boys ages 11 and 12 and young men 13 to 21 be vaccinated. Not just girls, who, as we know, are at risk for cervical cancer.”

On NBC Nightly News (10/25, lead story, 3:00, Williams), NBC’s Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman said that “One of the reasons the parents have backed away from this vaccine in the past is that because it combines three shots spaced out over several months, and sometimes that means compliance is not so good, and insurance companies have backed away from covering it, but the hope today is that the CDC has recommended it, it will be one step forward getting our kids inoculated and having insurance coverage so parents don’t have to bear the cost.”

The CBS Evening News (10/25, story 6, 2:15, Pelley) reported that “experts argue that kids should get” the vaccine early, “before sexual activity and before they develop these diseases like cancer and genital warts. Now for the future, another important thing is that the earlier this vaccine is given, the better the protection, the better the immune response and the better they’re going to be protected against these diseases in the future.”

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