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Feb 20 2009

Share Your Story

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Share Your Story

Lisa has had HPV for 2 months, and has not yet had any treatment.   She has asked:

“How are they spread, and can they lay dormant. If so, for how long?”

Thank you Lisa for this great, and very important question!

HPV is spread from direct contact.  Skin on skin.  Most often this is related to a sexual encounter, but need not always be.  Because HPV can occur anywhere on the skin, condoms do not provide full protection.

It is true that HPV can lay dormant.  Sometimes for decades.  In this case, you would be a carrier of the virus.  That is to say, the virus would be in your cells – but not ‘expressing themselves’.  It is still possible to transmit HPV during this stage.
Hope this helps, and we hope that you GET TREATMENT.  The sooner the better.  HPV treated early is a simple matter.  Left untreated puts you at risk for develping HPV induced cancer.

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