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Dec 27 2010

FDA Approves HPV Vaccine for MEN!!!

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FDA Approves HPV Vaccine for MEN!!!

Gardasil (human papillomavirus vaccine), the vaccine that can prevent most cases of cervical cancer in girls, has won the FDA’s blessing as a vaccine to prevent anal cancer, a huge victory for men!

The FDA’s  approval for Gardasil as an anal cancer vaccine opens the way for the medication’s maker, Merck and Co. Inc., to market the vaccine to boys and young men between the ages of nine and 26 – an option that will be most meaningful for men who have sex with men, but valuable to all.  Nobody likes getting HPV on their penis.  It really can devastate many boys and men.  When the HPV ends up on their anal area – the risk of anal cancer is high.  Although this is most commonly seen in homosexual men, it is not infrequent for heterosexual men to be at risk.  It is easy to imagine how HPV can start on the shaft, and with a scratch here, and an itch there – end up on the back side.

This is a great win for men – and we hope that the approval by the FDA will quickly translate to coverage amongst insurance companies to make the vaccine accessible quickly to this new population.

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