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May 29 2009

Does the doctor need to get a biopsy before freezing my penile warts?

Does the doctor need to get a biopsy before freezing my penile warts?

Penile warts are diagnosis that a trained doctor can make without a biopsy.  If patients have many warts or ones that look suspicious for other lesions like cancer I often biopsy a representative sample and freeze (with liquid nitrogen) or burn (electrocautery) or laser (C02 or YAG) the rest.  If a patient has warts on the foreskin and wants a circumcision I sent the tissue for biopsy. 

If your doctor didn’t send a biopsy and it didn’t come back that’s fine.  If it keeps coming back and there was never a biopsy ask your doctor to sent a piece to the lab or make sure they are convinced its not cancer.


I hope this post is helpful.  Go to our find a physician tab if you need an evaluation


Dr. A.

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May 22 2009

Jessica Shares Her Story with HPV

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Jessica Shares Her Story with HPV

Jessica writes:

“I got married 8 months ago, and 2 months ago, for the first time ever i was diagnosed with HPV. According to the Dr, it didnt necessairly come from my hubsand, but i cant help feel like it did. Thankfully, i have no genital warts or currently any cancer causing lesions, but i Do have a brand new, first time ever skin wart on my knee. Ive just started liquid nitrogen treatment for the removal of that.
Im increadably disspaointed, and borderline terrified. This is a first for me, and while some people say “its no big deal”- to me it is a big deal. this is something ive never had to deal with before and to make it worse, i know next to nothing about the Virus. Ther are so many different websites on it that have s many different opinions, i hardly know which one to believe!!

I think the next best step for me is education myself on this virus, how to treat it, and how to NOt spread it!”

Thanks for writing!  First off… you have found a good place to discuss your concerns.  Please do not be terrified.  Warts are quite common.  Instead… lets get educated!

Your Doctor’s advice is correct.  The wart did not necessarily come from your husband.  You may be able to blame him for lots of things… but you can’t point a finger at him for this one.  Further, the type of wart that grows on the skin is typically a different strain of virus than that found in the genital areas.

There are many treatment options for common warts, and Liquid Nitrogen is often a good place to start.
Best of luck, and keep us updated!

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Mar 12 2009

Using Liquid Nitrogen To Treat HPV

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Using Liquid Nitrogen To Treat HPV

by: Michelle Lipke

Liquid nitrogen is a popular destructive treatment for warts.  It is readily available in both dermatology and primary care offices.   Verucca-Freeze and many similar brands available over the counter are a liquid applied from a spray can, but only freeze to -70C.  Warts may not resolve with the over the counter freezing due to the fact that they do not freeze as fast as the liquid nitrogen available in the clinic setting; as well as the proper application technique may not always be used. The wart virus, known as human papilloma virus (HPV), is not destroyed by the freezing procedure.   Liquid nitrogen freezes at -196C and works by destroying the skin cells which in turn release the wart virus.  They body responds to this process by causing an immune response to resolve the wart.

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