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Jun 16 2010

National Men’s Health Week – June 14th to 20th

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National Men’s Health Week - June 14th to 20th

June 14-20th is National Men’s Health Week and June 20th is Father’s Day.

Lets celebrate both by sharing the gift of knowledge.  Here are some key facts about STD/STI’s that every man should know.

STD/STIs are certainly a critical piece of the sexual health puzzle but being sexually healthy is about much more.

Our most basic advice is:

  • Abstinence is good and can happen at different times in life
  • Talk to your parents, they were your age once
  • Talk to your partner (before you have sex)
  • Make sure you and your partner know how to use a condom correctly
  • Find a good healthcare provider and talk to them
  • Get help if you don’t think you’re in a healthy relationship
  • Get yourself tested and make sure your partner gets tested (before you have sex)
  • Take advantage of the vaccines that will help protect you
  • Learn what you need to know–and keep learning
  • Your sexual health is important–-you have a right and a responsibility to protect it!

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