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Aug 05 2014

Hpv vaccine trial for treatment of topical wart

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A recent study discusses using hpv vaccine to prevent genital wart recurrence. I have not personally used this in clinical practice but initial trial looks promising.

Efficacy of RG1-VLP vaccination against infections with genital and cutaneous human papillomaviruses.


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Dec 27 2010

FDA Approves HPV Vaccine for MEN!!!

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FDA Approves HPV Vaccine for MEN!!!

Gardasil (human papillomavirus vaccine), the vaccine that can prevent most cases of cervical cancer in girls, has won the FDA’s blessing as a vaccine to prevent anal cancer, a huge victory for men!

The FDA’s  approval for Gardasil as an anal cancer vaccine opens the way for the medication’s maker, Merck and Co. Inc., to market the vaccine to boys and young men between the ages of nine and 26 – an option that will be most meaningful for men who have sex with men, but valuable to all.  Nobody likes getting HPV on their penis.  It really can devastate many boys and men.  When the HPV ends up on their anal area – the risk of anal cancer is high.  Although this is most commonly seen in homosexual men, it is not infrequent for heterosexual men to be at risk.  It is easy to imagine how HPV can start on the shaft, and with a scratch here, and an itch there – end up on the back side.

This is a great win for men – and we hope that the approval by the FDA will quickly translate to coverage amongst insurance companies to make the vaccine accessible quickly to this new population.

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Oct 12 2010

Anal Warts in Men

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Anal Warts in Men

What are anal warts?

Anal warts (also called “condyloma acuminata”) are a condition that affects the area around and inside the anus. They may also affect the skin of the genital area. They first appear as tiny spots or growths, perhaps as small as the head of a pin, and may grow larger than the size of a pea. Usually, they do not cause pain or discomfort to afflicted individuals. As a result, patients may be unaware that the warts are present. Some patients will experience symptoms such as itching, bleeding, mucus discharge and/or a feeling of a lump or mass in the anal area.

Anal warts, thought to be caused by the human papilloma virus, can grow larger and spread if not removed.

It is important to know that Anal warts can be found both heterosexuals and in men who have sex with men.  Either way, it is nothing to be ashamed of – and it is something that you SHOULD SEEK TREATMENT FOR.

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Jan 06 2010

bumps on the penis – is a biopsy necessary?

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bumps on the penis - is a biopsy necessary?

as a urologist i see a lot of patient with growths or bumps on the penis

some patients ask do I have cancer? do I need a biopsy? 

Most patients with a classic wart or HPV do not need a biopsy, patient who are uncircumcised or recurrent growths may consider a biopsy.

Freezing a wart with liquid nitrogen, cauterization, or topical treatments like aldara (imiquimod topical cream)

if you have a wart get to a doctor and have it treated.  A biopsy is not a  bad idea but no always necessary

thanks for all of stories and questions I hope this site can help you fight your personal war on warts. 

the wow team is committed to helping you with the most sensitive topics!

click find a physician for a team member physician in your area!

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May 29 2009

Does the doctor need to get a biopsy before freezing my penile warts?

Does the doctor need to get a biopsy before freezing my penile warts?

Penile warts are diagnosis that a trained doctor can make without a biopsy.  If patients have many warts or ones that look suspicious for other lesions like cancer I often biopsy a representative sample and freeze (with liquid nitrogen) or burn (electrocautery) or laser (C02 or YAG) the rest.  If a patient has warts on the foreskin and wants a circumcision I sent the tissue for biopsy. 

If your doctor didn’t send a biopsy and it didn’t come back that’s fine.  If it keeps coming back and there was never a biopsy ask your doctor to sent a piece to the lab or make sure they are convinced its not cancer.


I hope this post is helpful.  Go to our find a physician tab if you need an evaluation


Dr. A.

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Dec 29 2008

Treating Warts: A True Balancing Act.

Treating Warts: A True Balancing Act.

Treating penile warts presents several problems to the patient and to the treating physician.  The ideal treatment would be non-invasive, non disfiguring, quick, painless and it would eliminate the risk of any wart recurrence.

The ideal treatment does not exist.

Most treatments offer some sort of balance between expedience, invasiveness, and recurrence.  The correct treatment really depends on patient preferences, patient medical history, and the doctor’s experience.

Treatment options include:

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Dec 10 2008

A Urologist’s Wart Schpeel to Patients

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A Urologist's Wart Schpeel to Patients

My wart schpeel
I see a fair number patient consults for “rule-out HPV” or “rule-out warts.”  The typical scenario is the following:

A woman goes to her gynecologist for a routine Pap smear and is told that the results came back positive for HPV.  She is then told by her doctor to have her male partner “checked-out.”
What does all that mean and what really happened at that patient’s doctor visit?

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