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Jun 04 2009

Not all penis bumps are warts (part II)

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Not all penis bumps are warts (part II)

In a previous post, we discussed penile pearly papules.

Lichen planus can also cause bumps on the penis.  This condition is an inflammatory condition – NOT an STD.

Classical lichen planus is characterized by shiny, flat-topped, firm papules (bumps) varying from pin point size (‘guttate’) to larger than a centimetre. They are a purple colour and often are crossed by fine white lines (called ‘Wickham’s striae’). They may be close together or widespread, or grouped in lines (linear lichen planus) or rings (annular lichen planus). Linear lichen planus can be the result of scratching or injuring the skin. Although sometimes there are no symptoms, it is often very itchy.

Lichen planus may affect any area, but is most often seen on the front of the wrists, lower back, and ankles.  They are also commonly found on the penis.

Sometimes it may be necessary to take a skin biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.  One of the best treatments for lichen planus on the penis are injections with cortisone.

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