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Oct 30 2010

Cryotherapy is one effective treatment for warts

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Cryotherapy is one effective treatment for warts

Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen to remove common warts may be more effective than salicylic acid or a wait-and-see approach, according to the results of a randomized controlled trial reported online September 13 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

“Cryotherapy is widely used for the treatment of cutaneous warts in primary care,” write Sjoerd C. Bruggink, MD, from Leiden University Medical Center in Leiden, the Netherlands, and colleagues. “However, evidence favours salicylic acid application. We compared the effectiveness of these treatments as well as a wait-and-see approach.”

This is a great treatment for warts – but not the only one.  Many more options exist than were tested by this study – so be sure to review all of your options for treating warts with your doctor.

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Oct 30 2008

What Are Warts?

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Warts are tumors or growths of the skin caused by infection with Human Papillomavirus (HPV). More than 70 HPV subtypes are known.

Warts are particularly common in childhood and are spread by direct contact or autoinocculation. This means if a wart is scratched, the viral particles may be spread to another area of skin. It may take as long as twelve months for the wart to first appear.

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